Preventative Care Therapy

There is nothing more important to your dental health than maintaining a clean mouth. Prevention or absence of infection optimizes our general health.  A clean mouth will be disease-, infection-, and trouble-free. A clean mouth will not be predisposed to developing either decay or periodontal (gum) disease. One of our very important functions in dentistry is to teach you how to properly maintain your teeth and gums, and to regularly remove anything that you are unable to remove yourself.

The theory and practice of preventive dentistry have undergone revolutionary changes in recent years. We now know that the preventive needs of every individual differ. The adage of “see your dentist regularly; get your teeth cleaned twice a year” has changed too.

Your Personal Plan

The recare and examination interval that we have recommended for you is designed for your unique situation. And it, too, can change. The interval between regular prophylaxis (cleaning) appointments that is established for you is a function of many things.

These include:

· general health

· dexterity and hand/eye coordination

· age

· diet

· stress levels

· oral habits

· position and alignment of the teeth

· number, type, size, and location of restorations

· restorative materials used

· periodontal history

· location of bone and periodontal tissues

Simply stated, the more complex your dental situation and the more your tooth position and alignment deviate from the normal, the harder you will find it to keep your teeth clean and your gums healthy.

Recent studies have identified many of the microorganisms that cause gum disease and decay. They can be controlled with your help and with ours. These studies also show that a “cleaning” every 6 months may not be adequate for some patients. In order to prevent destructive oral disease, prophylaxis appointments in intervals of anywhere from 2 months to a year may be recommended. Periodontal (gum) disease can happen anywhere in your mouth at any time. 

You don’t have to let it happen to you!  We are here to be your guide to good health.


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